About Me

Performing, drumming, acoustic guitar, singing, writing, composing, arranging, recording, producing.       

I found the drums at the age of 5.  My two older brothers were drummers and I looked up to them.  At the age of 7 I took only one drum lesson.  After that, I learned from all the great music that my older brothers were listening to and of course their influence as drummers too. 

I played in bands from the age of 12.  At 15, I traveled all over Ontario and Quebec with my brother George who played the drums for the band Swan.  I worked the lights.  At the age of 17 I made a decision.  it was either a light man or a musician.  Luckily, I picked musician.  I practiced and played the drums in all parts of Canada for many years.  While I was playing the drums. I also taught myself how to play the acoustic guitar at the age of 20.

I wrote, sang, produced and played on my CD A Boy Can Dream.  My main engineer was Jake Kolodziej.  I never dreamed of being a singer/songwriter.  My goal had always been to be a great drummer.  Life takes you down different roads.  I began to write songs and haven't stopped since.



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​​​​Ditt's  album  A Boy can Dream      

I've had this calling since the age of 5.  I believe you need to follow and listen to your inner voice.  I have been truly blessed to have had some special people in my life to guide me.  There were definite turning points in my life where I wanted to give up this dream.  I was schooled by Elizabeth Campese at a young and impressionable age.  Her favourite lines were  "You could lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" and "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."  She believed in me....and eventually.... she got through to me and made me believe in myself too.  My dad didn't believe in having a music career.  It wouldn't put food on the table.  But I'll never forget the day he told me to take down all the music band posters in my room.  He told me that he wanted to see my poster on the wall.  That moment I cherish.  I truly believe that you need to go after your dream and forget about having something to fall back on.  People that usually have a fall back plan chose that road and forget about following their destiny.